2020 Ensign Benefits Guide

Resources To Help You Learn About Your Benefits and Enroll Your Ensign-affiliated employer invests in you with some awesome benefits that help you live your best life. An overview of each plan is included in this guide, along with links to valuable tools and resources so you can take a deeper dive and find more details about all of the benefits available. We are focused on helping you play an active role in understanding your options and costs, and what to expect after you enroll. 3 Say Hello to ALEX ® ALEX is our interactive benefits counselor who will explain your benefits in simple language in a fun and entertaining way. ALEX can help you choose the benefits and coverage options that will meet your needs and your budget. Three Important Things to Know About the ALEX Tool 1. It’s personalized, so you can see which plans make the most sense for you. 2. Its confidential, so you get the guidance you need without revealing all of your fascinating secrets. 3. IMPORTANT: ALEX is not the online enrollment system. Once you have reviewed your benefits with ALEX, you must enter your elections into Workday to complete your enrollment. Ensign Benefits Website The Ensign Benefits website is your go-to source for information about Ensign benefit plans. Start with high levels overviews of each benefit and drill down to the details including Summary Plan Descriptions and Insurance Certificates. You can also link to Workday when you’re ready to enroll and to carrier websites. The website is easy to navigate on your computer, tablet or smartphone. To get started using ALEX, go to https://www.myalex.com/ensign/2020 Go to www.ensignbenefits.com